Lae Boat Factory Opening

Lae Boat Factory Opening


On the 7th of June 2018 Ela Motors officially opened its new Yamaha boat factory at West Taraka Lae. The ribbon was jointly cut by the CEO of Ela Motors Mr. Keiichiro Kuwabara, Yamaha GM Area of Marketing Division Japan Mr. Tatsuya Fukamachi & CEO for TTSPH Yoshiaki Kato. The boat factory opening marks another milestone for Ela Motors to expand its business to boat manufacturing in PNG. This project started when our boat contractor Samarai Plastics factory was burnt down in Alotau in 2016.

The History of Boat Manufacturing in PNG

Back in 1985 a company called Samarai Plastic was established, at that time they were locally known as Sariba Slipway based at Samarai Island, from the swaying palm trees of Samarai Island the fibre glass banana boat was born & over the years began to revolutionise sea transportation in PNG.

People saw the FRP Boat was faster and stronger than the traditional canoe and the transition from long dug out trigger canoe faded-out to pave way for the fibre glass boat. The manufacturing facility in Alotau provided employment and imparted skills to Papua New Guinean’s in the expertise of building fibre glass Boats.

Over the 32 years the capacity of production was nurtured to produce over 1500 boats annually suppling both to the local market & abroad for export demands. In 2016 the Samarai Plastics factory was tragically burnt, fortunately nobody was injured, however that piece of Milne Bay history was charred to the ground and eerily dissipated into the black smoke that was witnessed by all within many miles away.

The New Lae Boat Factory

It was at that point Ela Motors set out to salvage the boat operations in Alotau with the help of Samarai Plastics and their staff, Ela Motors commenced to build their own boat manufacturing factory in Lae now known as the Lae Boat Factory. The factory is strategically located at West Taraka a central distribution hub for boat distribution throughout PNG.

The management of Ela Motors is proud of the new investment, the factory will not only manufacture Yamaha FRP boats but impart knowledge, skills & create employment to the people of Morobe and PNG.

Yamaha Boat Safety Features

Our commitment as a company is to continue building quality Yamaha FRP banana boats for the PNG market, with the technical help from Yamaha Japan the Yamaha 23ft & 19ft banana boats have been fitted with extra floatation, added extra ribs for stability, transom strengthened to absorbed the weight of the engine and the boats are delivered with life jackets. The Yamaha boat design has been approved by NMSA under the Small Craft Act to operate in the waters of PNG. Our advice to users to strictly comply with the recommended number of passengers when travelling out at sea, you can find the information engraved to the boat serial number plate. When loading comply with the loading boat level clearly mark on the boat for safe travel at sea.


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