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The TTSPH Learning & Development Department in Brisbane is headed by the Group L&D Manager and supported by the Group L&D Facilitator. TTSPH L&D holds corporate responsibility for developing and managing Training Pathways, Training Courses, Training Records, Annual Calendars and Annual Budgets as well as setting and achieving specific Annual Accreditation Rate Targets by department and accreditation level. The franchises covered within the training programs are Toyota, Hino and Yamaha. The key focus areas are the retail operations and include the following disciplines:

Sales, Service, Parts, Body and Paint, Tyres and Batteries, Technical and Leadership

Training needs in other areas of the business are infrequent and specialized requirements, as so this training is normally provided by external suppliers or subject matter experts.

Course materials are developed by TTSPH L&D in conjunction with some members of the Ela and Asco Academy’s. The courses are delivered by our local trainers. As well as creating new training material, existing training material is reviewed and updated as required to bring content to current industry practices, however content is focused on processes and procedures that are in many cases unique to our business.

Post Course Competency Assessments have been introduced as an integral part of the certification process to ensure participants not only retain the knowledge but that skills and processes are used effectively in the workplace. Apart from classroom training of full-time employees, the L&D Team also assume corporate responsibility for Technical Apprentice and Graduate programs in PNG.

What does our Learning and Development logo represent?

The Conch Shell:
Throughout history the conch shell has held great cultural significance in the South Pacific. It was used as a symbol of prosperity, since conch shells were used as currency. It was also used to make important announcements. The conch generates positive energy in the areas of courage, hope, optimism, willpower and determination.
The Tapas Design:
The image is enclosed in a triangle outlined by tapas design which is common to all islands in the TTSPH group. The design also represents steps leading upward signifying growth and career progression for our people.
The Triangle:
The tip of the triangle represents the upward motion of an arrow signifying career opportunities which open up for our people as they progress through the training programs.

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